We Can Re-Grip Your Clubs at The Par Tee


Fast Service - Fair Price

We keep several different styles of Golf Pride Grips, The # 1 Grip in Golf, in stock at The Par Tee.   Our prices are as low as anywhere else in town and we offer same day service on any grip(s) in stock.  Many times we can re-grip them while you wait.  If we do not have the grip(s) you want in stock we can order them for you and have them ready in a day or two.  


Why Golf Pride Grips

We stock Golf Pride Grips because they are the highest quality grips in golf. More than 80% of Tour professionals choose to play Golf Pride Grips and not one is paid to do so. In this age of multi-million dollar endorsement deals, that’s the strongest endorsement of all.  Since 2008, Golf Pride has over 1100 Professional wins, the next closest competitor has 180.  34 of the last 40 Major Winners use Golf Pride Grips.  


When Should I Re-Grip My Clubs

Golf Pride recommends changing your grips once a year. If you play frequently you may consider re-gripping more than once a year. Oils on your hands, sweat, dirt and other elements will break down the rubber. Worn grips do not provide the same traction and stability as newly-installed, fresh grips.

Expanded Club Repair Service

Major Club Repair Available


If you snapped a shaft, need your lies adjusted on your clubs, or need a new shaft in a club, we now offer these type of repair services at The Par Tee.

On-Site Pick-Up By Woods & Wedges


The Par Tee will be teaming up with Bryan Gibbs, and Woods & Wedges and will offer on-site pick-up at The Par Tee.  If it is broken, we can fix it.  

Bryan Gibbs


Bryan is one of the most knowledgeable club repair specialists in the Southeast. He can adjust lie angles, repair and replace shafts, perform custom wedge grinds and whatever else you may need. Bryan has been helping PGA & LPGA Professionals for years and does outstanding work on your clubs !!!