The Par Tee, Par 3 Loop


About The Par 3

The Par Tee, Par 3 Loop is the ultimate short game test for any golfer.  Whether you are a beginner or scratch golfer, The Par Tee, Par 3 Loop will challenge every aspect of your short game.  The Par 3 Loop is maintained daily and conditions always exceed expectations of the players.  This unique, 3 hole, par 3 loop has three large, mini-verde bermudagrass ,putting greens. Each green has four sets of tees that allow players the opportunity to play 12 holes. The course also has 5 bunkers.  Be on the look-out for After-Work, Individual and Team Par 3 Challenges conducted by the staff at The Par Tee Golf Center


Don't Just Bring Your Wedges

Players are delighted to discover that The Par Tee, Par 3 Loop offers shots ranging in distance from 60 to 150 yards. To make the experience more complete, we have even created options where you can play a few Par 4 holes. You can play the 12, Par 3 Holes and if time permits, venture back to our Koala Tees. These tees can be played as extremely long Par 3’s or you have an option to play 3, par 4 Holes. Make sure you bring your entire set of clubs !!!  


Only $10.00 To Play The Par 3 Loop

The fee to play The Par Tee, Par 3 Loop is only $10.00. This tremendous value allows you to play the Par 3 Loop for 2 hours (more than enough time to play a minimum of 12 holes). Many of our patrons play upwards of 18 to 21 holes in this time frame. We do not have any motorized golf carts. The Par 3 Loop is a walking only facility. Give it a try. We will guarantee that you will be surprised. We recommend that you call in advance for a tee time – 803-796-5900, as we sometimes have high school teams, college teams, or clinics utilizing the facility.  Our Par 3 Loop is not lighted.  

Par Tee, Par 3 - Hole In One Club

Zach Beale


Hole # 2


Alivia Waynick


Hole # 1


Rocky Burns


Hole # 2


Palmer Mason


Hole # 4


Chris Oxner


Hole # 4


Jensen Castle


Hole # 9