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You Better Know The Rules If You Are Going To Play Good Golf !!!

The Rules of Golf are overlooked by so many golfers.  This page will provide you an opportunity to learn a few of the rules of golf in a fun manner.  We will keep you posted on when we change the rule on our Par Tee Golf Center Facebook Page !!!

Thanks to Paul Kruger, PGA Professional - The Canyon Club Albuquerque, NM

Paul has written over 800 of these rules quizzes/tips over the years.  Thanks to Paul for his creativity and for allowing us to share these tips with our Par Tee Patrons - HAVE FUN !!!

Click on the Links Below and Have Fun With The Rules of Golf !!!

These FUN Rules quizzes are attached in PDF Files below.  Click on the link, have fun and test your knowledge !!!

Links to 2019 Rules Explanations


How Well do you understand the new Rules of Golf Changes for 2019

Listed below are links that will greatly help with your understanding of what is new in the 2019 Rules of Golf.  Click on the links to view the contest - We highly recommend you view these rules !!!

Major Rules Changes for 2019

Click Here to view videos that explain the major rules changes for 2019

Click Here to view a summary of thee 2019 rules changes in a pdf file

USGA Online Rules Quizzes

Click Here to take some friendly, online rules quizzes from the USGA regarding the 2019 Rules of Golf