Patrick Hopper-Long Drive Specialist

While practicing at The Par Tee, you might see Patrick Hopper hitting golf balls on our 425 yard Long Drive Grid.  Patrick hits a ball as far as anyone in the World.  His clubhead speed ranges between 140-150 mph and his ball speeds have been clocked at over 220 mph.  Patrick's drives routinely fly over 380 yards, but drives reaching 400 + yards are not out of the norm.   Patrick has reached the Finals of the Remax Long Drive Championship 3 times, in 2006, 2010 and in 2013.

Patrick is available to do a long drive exhibition at your golf tournament or company outing.  It is a unique experience to see one of Patrick's drives leave the clubhead.   You can contact Patrick for information regarding rates for his long drive exhibition and how he can make your outing or tournament more fun by calling him at 864-490-7816.


Before traveling to the 2013 Remax Long Drive Finals, Patrick Hopper is interviewed by Taylor Kearns of WIS TV in Columbia